Outpatient Programs

Transitioning into an outpatient program after residential addiction treatment helps safeguard your sobriety at a time when the risk of relapse is at its highest. That’s why we offer outpatient programs that build on your inpatient treatment experience and help you put your new recovery skills into action. Speak Confidentially with a Journey Advisor at 844-878-1979.

Outpatient Treatment to Fit Your Needs

We offer different types of outpatient care to fit your life circumstances and individual recovery path. Treatment options include:

Day Treatment/Partial Hospitalization

Our day treatment program was created to help clients who have successfully completed residential treatment and require more care than general outpatient services to continue working on their sobriety. After attending daily treatment groups, clients return to their home or a sober living residence.

Day treatment meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for seven hours per day and includes psychoeducation, individual psychotherapy and family therapy with licensed mental health counselors.

Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab Program

Our intensive outpatient program includes structured individual and group sessions that focus on life skills in early recovery as well as relapse prevention. Clients can live in a sober living facility or at home while participating in work, school or home responsibilities and benefiting from a supportive therapeutic program.

Our intensive outpatient program meets for three hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Sober Living Residences

We offer sober living housing within walking distance of our outpatient facilities. Our sober living residences provide 24/7 onsite support staff, vocational and life skills training, drug and alcohol screenings, and a supportive community of peers in recovery. Learn more.

Therapies and Approaches

Our licensed addiction professionals use a number of therapeutic interventions to help you build upon the work you did in residential treatment and prevent relapse. In addition to individual and group therapy, approaches include:

Addiction and Mental Health Education – Education groups will help you better understand addiction and mental health challenges. These groups cover topics such as the effect of addiction on neurotransmitter imbalances, genetics, lifestyle choices and negative life experiences. The goal is to reinforce your strengths, coping skills, and understanding and acceptance of your disorder. Speak Confidentially with a Journey Advisor at 844-878-1979.

Relapse Prevention – Developing relapse prevention skills is critical for those in early recovery. Research shows that high-risk situations, lack of coping skills and cravings can contribute to relapse. Our relapse prevention groups help those new to recovery reach a deeper understanding of their personal recovery process while developing skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Resources include Alcoholics Anonymous’ Big Book, AA/CA/NA, sober networking and finding a sponsor.

The Daring Way™ – Dr. Brené Brown’s The Daring Way™ shame resilience curriculum is an experiential program that focuses on embracing vulnerability, developing shame resilience, and practicing courage in the way we live, lead, love and parent. In a safe, accepting environment you’ll practice courage and allow yourself to be vulnerable. You’ll explore empathy; nurture connections with others by embracing who they are; and develop an internal sense of belonging rather than searching for acceptance and approval externally.

Family Therapy – Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family system. Family therapy at Journey Healing Centers educates family members of those in recovery about how to best support their loved one. Topics explored include: codependence, cognitive processes of addiction, communication, family roles in recovery, forgiveness, key relapse issues in families, rebuilding trust, resentments and addiction, and stages of change.

Alternative Approaches – We regularly integrate alternative approaches such as mindfulness, art therapy, yoga, psychodrama and Native American healing traditions like sweat lodge into our outpatient programming. 

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