Journey Healing Center Treatment Programs

Journey Healing Center blends the best of traditional and holistic therapy at its three treatment programs, located amid the serene beauty of the Wasatch Mountain Range near Salt Lake City, Utah.

Journey, the main campus, provides comprehensive residential addiction treatment in a luxurious 16-bed chalet. Expect an unprecedented level of individual care, including two one-on-one therapy sessions per week.
Creekside, a six-bed extension of the main facility, offers the same quality care for those who need long-term addiction treatment of eight weeks or more. Speak Confidentially with a Journey Advisor at 844-878-1979.

What to Expect From Residential Addiction Treatment at Journey

A Personalized Plan

Each person’s struggle with addiction is unique, and treatment should reflect that. At Journey, you’ll receive a comprehensive physical and psychological assessment by a multidisciplinary team that includes a psychiatric nurse practitioner with more than a decade of experience in addiction medicine and licensed, specially trained therapists. Together, they’ll create a treatment plan that addresses not only the physical and emotional components of addiction but also the underlying conditions that contribute to it.

One-on-One Therapy

Research shows that individual therapy helps promotes lasting recovery. Because of this, Journey has raised its personal care to a level unmatched by most treatment programs. You’ll be assigned a primary therapist with whom you will meet twice each week for intensive therapy.

Group Therapy

Through group therapy, you’ll become part of a community moving toward recovery. Together, you’ll not only improve communication skills by sharing concerns and successes, but you’ll also enjoy goal-oriented activities such as yoga and meditation that will help you reconnect with your mind, body and spirit.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

For many, substance abuse grows out of an attempt to deal with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression or trauma. At Journey, we recognize that success depends on treating both. Drawing on the diverse specialties of our clinicians, we utilize a variety of approaches, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), to name a few – and we’ll help guide you to the ones that best fit your needs.

Holistic & Complementary Therapies

Journey uses a full range of conventional and nonconventional approaches to healing. Meditation, fitness, yoga and sweat lodge complement traditional therapy sessions and process groups to allow for a truly holistic recovery.

The Four Agreements

In the best-selling book The Four Agreements, author Don Miguel Ruiz explains how to welcome peace and love into your life. We introduce you to his concept along with other approaches to healing, such as 12-step recovery, that can help put you on the path to a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

Family Participation

Loved ones need to heal from addiction too. Our weekly family program offers individual and group therapy designed to improve communication and help your family learn to support your — and their — long-term recovery. We also offer a monthly intensive family program that includes two full days of programming with addiction education, group therapy, recovery karaoke, experiential activities and an introduction to Al-Anon and other recovery groups.

Aftercare & Coaching

When you leave Journey, you’ll leave with a plan for lifelong recovery. We’ll connect you with ongoing therapy, outpatient treatment, sober living – all of the supports you need to maximize your recovery.

As a Journey alum, you’re invited to attend free aftercare meetings twice a week for as long as you like, along with weekly family groups. You’ll also be invited to join a vibrant alumni community that hosts barbecues, potlucks and sober team sports. This close-knit group understands that while your time at Journey will end, the journey to maintain sobriety continues. Their support can help keep you traveling in the right direction. Speak Confidentially with a Journey Advisor at 844-878-1979.