The Dangers of Flexeril Abuse

Prescription medications are not always safe, although many of us assume that they are. All drugs have inherent risks and if you decide to misuse one, you put yourself in danger of health consequences, increased side effects, and even addiction. Flexeril abuse is not uncommon and, although the drug is not as dangerous as other prescriptions, it can cause some serious consequences.

What Is Flexeril?

Flexeril treatment is the use of this prescription to relieve muscle pains and spasms. Flexeril is a muscle relaxant with the generic name cyclobenzaprine. Flexeril is commonly prescribed for bad sprains and strains as well as for acute back pain. It helps to relieve these types of pain by relaxing the muscles. Flexeril is designed to be used for only short periods of time. It is not a medication for chronic pain that lasts more than two weeks.

What Are the Side Effects of Flexeril?

For most people, at the regular dosage, Flexeril is safe to use and should not cause too many side effects. Any time you abuse a drug and take more than you should, you risk increasing the severity of any side effects that you experience. With Flexeril you may feel drowsy, have dry mouth, or get dizzy. Less common possible side effects are constipation, fatigue, blurry vision, muscle weakness, flu-like symptoms, headaches, ringing in the ears, and depression. If you experience any side effects you should talk to your doctor.

What Is the Flexeril Overdose Amount?

As with most drugs, it is possible to overdose on Flexeril. You should never take more than the recommended dosage for your prescription. A typical dosage for Flexeril is five to seven milligrams. Research has found that eight milligrams per liter in the blood can be fatal. Just how much will cause an overdose or a fatality depends on the individual. If you think you or someone else has taken too much, seek emergency medical attention right away. Flexeril overdose treatment is possible, but you need to get it immediately.

Is Flexeril Addictive?

Another risk associated with abusing Flexeril is the possibility of addiction. It is not considered to be physical addictive in the way that some prescriptions, like narcotic painkillers are; however, there is a chance that you can become psychologically dependent on this drug with extended abuse. Flexeril imparts a relaxing feeling and you can become reliant on that sensation.

Flexeril is only meant to be taken for a maximum of two weeks. If you continue to take Flexeril beyond that point you run the risk of becoming dependent on it. Stick to your doctor’s directions and stop taking it at the end of your prescription period. If you still feel pain at that point you need to speak with your doctor about a better, long-term solution.

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