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Here’s Why Men Are More Likely to Relapse After Addiction Treatment

man who relapsed

Several studies have found significant gender differences in how and why people relapse during and after treatment for addiction and substance abuse. Men are more likely to relapse and have unique reasons for having a slip. They also respond to a relapse differently than women. These specialized gender factors are important to acknowledge so that each patient in substance abuse treatment can be given the best tools for avoiding and coping with relapses.

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5 Skills You’ll Learn In Drug Rehab

5 Skills You’ll Learn In Drug RehabOvercoming addiction takes a great deal of patience, determination, practice and courage — none of which you’re likely to feel you have much of when you first enter drug rehabilitation. The good news is you’ll learn a great deal in rehab, not the least of which are skills you’ll need once you complete treatment and return home. What are these skills and why are they important? Let’s take a look at five of the many skills you’ll learn in drug rehab. Continue reading

On Accepting Addicts Where They Are

Simon and James are brothers who’ve done virtually everything together, including drugs. They have even entered rehab together three times, though three times they’ve failed. Although the Missourian brothers were raised in the church by a deeply religious family, they fell into substance abuse at the ages of 17 and 19. Their family had little understanding of the kinds of places and people their sons eventually chose to surround themselves with once the drugs had taken over, and from their perspective, drugs were about sin and the rejection of God. Continue reading

Exercise and Recovery: You Always Feel Better

At the first AA meeting I went to almost 25 years ago, an old timer was asked to talk to the group and tell his story. I’ll never forget the first words he said, standing up in front of the group of about 50 alcoholics:

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Transdermal Alcohol Monitors Improve Treatment Compliance

Transdermal alcohol monitors can be useful tools to support the treatment goals of contingency management-based alcohol programs, new research suggests.

Addiction specialists sometimes use a therapeutic approach called contingency management to increase the odds that people in alcohol treatment programs will stick to those programs and improve over time. In a study published in December 2014 in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio explored the usefulness of devices called transdermal alcohol monitors in helping contingency management-based programs reach their goals. Transdermal alcohol monitors use skin-based measurements to help determine the blood-alcohol concentration of any given person and detect the presence of excessive alcohol intake.

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What to Expect in Your First Year of Sobriety

You made it through detox and then an intensive course of addiction treatment or a stay at rehab, and here you are: sober. What does the next year hold for you? You may be wondering how you’ll get through tomorrow, let alone the next year. If you can get to one year sober, you will have achieved a major milestone. While everyone is different and has different experiences, there are some commonalities for everyone in the first year and advice that applies to all early recovering addicts.

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