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Fatal Crashes in Colorado Linked to Pot Up Sharply, New Data Show

Marijuana and Stoned Driving

A new government-funded study of Colorado’s experience with marijuana legalization has revealed some startling truths. In the three years since marijuana became commercially available, traffic fatalities in Colorado linked to consumption of the drug have increased substantially. In addition, the number of adolescents and college-age adults who have used marijuana products in the previous month has risen by a significant percentage.
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Can You Get Addicted to Synthetic Marijuana?


Synthetic marijuana is a dangerous product, and it comes in a lot of forms. It may be advertised as a potpourri, a type of incense or an herbal smoking mixture, but have no doubt that this is a powerful and harmful drug. If you use synthetic marijuana thinking that you can be a casual and recreational user, think again. Many people get addicted and need to go through synthetic marijuana withdrawal and treatment. While some forms are illegal, other types of this drug fly under the radar and are technically legal and sold online and in stores.

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The Risks of Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana is often in the news because of changing attitudes and changing laws about this federally-banned drug. Many people feel as if marijuana, also known as cannabis, is a low-risk drug to use recreationally or for medicinal purposes. Many also believe there are advantages to legalizing and regulating this drug on a state-by-state basis. However, the cons of legalizing marijuana are great and it is important to be well informed.

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Is Synthetic Marijuana Safe?

A variety of herbs are marketed and sold as legal, safe alternatives to marijuana. They contain shredded plant material and chemicals that cause a mind-altering effect, but it’s often unclear what these products actually contain. There are several hundred varieties of synthetic marijuana, including products sold as herbal smoke or legal buds. Some of the names they are sold under include spice, fake weed, moon rocks and K2.

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Marijuana Growth on Public Land Major Problem in Utah

Utah has the third-largest percentage of public versus private land of all the U.S. states, trailing only Alaska and Nevada. In addition, much of this public land is actively used for recreation. All of this public land helps to make Utah a beautiful and exciting place to visit, but it has also attracted certain kinds of illegal activity. This state is not only a magnet for huge numbers of tourists each year, but also a magnet for illegal marijuana growers.

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Which Is More Dangerous, Alcohol or Marijuana?

As voters and legislators around the country debate legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana, its safety is also being debated and often compared to alcohol, the universally-legal drug. Many supporters of legalized marijuana say that alcohol is the more dangerous drug. Research can give us some insights into the truths about alcohol, marijuana and which is worse for you.

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