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How to Identify Alcohol Problems in the Family

How to Identify Alcohol Problems in the FamilyYou might think you know how much alcohol someone in the family is using. But it’s all too easy for loved ones to become adept in the art of concealment.

They might tell half-truths, even outright lie — anything to prevent a parent or concerned family member from discovering what’s going on. When this happens, what can you do? Eliminate much of the guesswork by learning how to identify alcohol problems in the family. Continue reading

Women Face Greater Health Risks From Drinking

When it comes to alcohol, drinking and addiction, the differences between men and women are stark. Women metabolize alcohol differently, become alcoholics at a different pace than men and are more susceptible to the dual diagnosis of addiction and mental illness. Women are even triggered to drink by different things than men. Women need to be aware of these differences, as much of the research conducted on addiction has focused on men. Understanding how alcoholism develops in women is crucial to making the right choices about drinking.

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Alcoholism Alters Women’s Decision-Making Abilities

Alcoholism Alters Women’s Decision-Making AbilitiesWomen participate in heavy drinking less often than men. However, when they do drink heavily, women commonly experience alcohol-related harm more rapidly than their male counterparts. In a study scheduled for publication in 2014 in the journal Addiction Biology, researchers from Indiana University looked at what happens to the decision-making processes of women who develop the symptoms of alcoholism. These researchers concluded that alcoholic women lose a substantial portion of their ability to efficiently make choices when faced with situations that require them to assess the risks of their alcohol intake-related decisions. Continue reading

10 Lame Excuses for Drinking Too Much

10 Lame Excuses for Drinking Too MuchYou may think you’ve heard it all, but when it comes to excuses for drinking too much, there are always some new ones. It really doesn’t matter how young or old a person is, how educated they are, their financial, social status or familial status. Some of these excuses people come up with are really lame, however, especially if they have been drinking. Continue reading