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How to Protect Your Child From a Sibling’s Substance Abuse

Addiction, as the experts say, is a family disease. It has roots in genetics and family history, trauma and relationships, and it impacts every member of a family. If you have a teen struggling with addiction, you are probably worried about your other children. Are they seeing too much? Are they going to become addicts too? Among your many questions, the most important is figuring out how to protect your children.

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How to Survive Loving an Addict

Whether the addict you love is addicted to alcohol, drugs, shopping, food, gambling or anything else, loving him is not easy. He may be your partner, your child, your parent or a best friend, but whatever your relationship, you love him and want him to be well. Maybe you are supporting him as he goes through recovery or you are living with and caring for him after a stint in rehab. Maybe he has yet to admit to having a problem and getting help. Whatever your situation, loving an addict is a challenge, and it is important that you consider your own well-being as well as his. Here’s how to survive this stormy relationship.

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