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5 Good Reasons to Stop Drinking

The images are everywhere – happy people in groups drinking beer, wine, or a cocktail. Cool, fresh mountain streams, sports activities, tailgate parties, camping trips – whether it’s a beer commercial on TV (think Budweiser and Super Bowl), or hard liquor ads in magazines (Absolut, Dewars, etc.), it’s hard to avoid advertisers’ call for consumers to buy their products. With all these assaults on our consciousness, it may seem cool, hip, or that everyone is doing it, but when it comes to drinking, especially drinking that gets out of control, there are some very good reasons to stop. Continue reading

Avoiding Alcohol Abuse During the Holidays

Avoiding Alcohol Abuse During the HolidaysMaking merry during the holidays, for some, involves drinking alcoholic beverages. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, many people are able to enjoy alcohol responsibly; others, unfortunately, can’t seem to resist drinking to excess. The festivities can trigger more serious drinking behaviors in those with a history of alcoholism. However, you don’t need to live with a diagnosed addiction to abuse alcohol during the holidays. Even if you normally drink at moderate levels, you may find yourself consuming enough to cause problems if you’re not careful. Continue reading