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The Dangers of Methamphetamine and Amphetamine

When it comes to methamphetamine vs. amphetamine, it can be difficult to distinguish between these two stimulant drugs. Both can be prescribed, although amphetamines are much more commonly used, and both can be illegally abused, lead to serious health consequences and cause addiction. Knowing the facts about these two types of drugs is important in helping to keep young people in particular from abusing them and falling victim to their dangers and risks.

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Can Your Immune System Kick a Meth Habit?

Your immune system protects you from things like bacteria and viruses, but what if it could also protect you from dangerous drugs like meth? The immune system is complicated and imperfect, but researchers are working on ways to use it to help addicts kick a meth habit. A vaccine for cocaine has already been developed and is soon to be tested in human trials. It trains the immune system to recognize the cocaine molecule as an invader to be destroyed. Similar research into immune system-focused treatments for meth addiction are looking promising and may soon be able to help people stop using this dangerous and highly addictive drug.

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What Is Meth?

No drug over the last ten years has received the concentrated focus of the mass media, Hollywood, and citizen groups quite like crystal meth. While cocaine is often portrayed as being dangerous, but still cool, meth has been characterized as an instant destroyer of life. It is unknown how many people in the U.S. currently use meth, but other than marijuana, it is widely considered to be the most commonly used illegal drug. What makes matters even more difficult to deal with is that anyone with basic chemistry knowledge can create meth and the drug is incredibly inexpensive, which means that the general public has almost universal access to it.

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