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How Does Depression Impact People Seeking Substance Treatment?

How-Does-Depression-Impact-People-Seeking-Substance-TreatmentDepression is the collective name for a group of mental health conditions that cause significant mood disturbances and interfere with the ability to lead a productive daily routine or feel a sense of emotional well-being. People who drink excessively or abuse a range of recreational drugs generally have higher depression risks than the rest of the population. In a study published in August 2014 in the journal Substance Abuse, researchers from several U.S. institutions explored the ways that depression impacts the overall health and preparedness of people seeking treatment for substance problems.

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Study Identifies Bipolar Disorder Risk Factors


Mental disorders often surface during adolescence. While the reasons are not entirely clear, experts suspect that rapid brain development may be the cause. Prevention and early intervention are keys to successful treatment. Therefore, identifying childhood risk factors can allow physicians to screen for mental health problems before they become difficult to treat.

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The Challenges of Living with Co-Occurring Disorders

In his short life, Danny Watt leapt from a moving train, hurtled through the windshield of a rolling car, was beaten by drug dealers, overdosed, swallowed rat poison, and tried to hang himself. In April 2008, two college students found him facedown in the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal—the medical examiner said he had drowned. He was 21 years old.

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Hoarding: A Co-Occurring Disorder

Is it hard for you to throw anything away? Do you find yourself clinging on to old birthday cards, ticket stubs, trinkets, newspapers and magazines, and even trash? Do you have piles of what most people would call “junk” teetering in your house? Are you unable to use your living room, dining room, or kitchen because they are so cluttered?

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