What Is Restoril?

A brand name for the generic drug Temazepam, Restoril is another benzodiazepine drug that is generally prescribed for the short-term treatment of sleeplessness in patients who have difficulty maintaining sleep. The drug is not used to induce sleep, but because it is a benzodiazepine, it is easily abused and can lead to psychological dependence.

The tendency to abuse and become dependent on Restoril is higher for people in high risk groups, including those with a history of alcohol or drug abuse. Others at risk include emotionally unstable patients and people with severe personality disorders. Restoril is available in capsules that vary in color, depending upon the strength of the dosage. Colors include light blue, salmon and brown.

Restoril in its brand name or generic forms have the highest rate of drug intoxication among the common benzodiazepines. While it is not as heavily used in the United States, it is the 5th most prescribed benzodiazepine. Those who are abusing the drug will get it from several doctors, by forging prescriptions, or buying diverted pharmaceutical products on the black market, such as the Internet.

Street terms for Temazepam or Restoril, include terms such as king kong pills, jellies, jelly, Edinburgh eccies, tams, terms, mazzies, temazies, tammies, temmies, beans, eggs, green eggs, wobbly eggs, knockouts, hardball, norries, oranges, rugby balls, ruggers, terminators, red and blue, no-gos, blackout, green devils, drunk pills, brainwash, mind erasers, tem-tem’s, mommy’s big helper, vitamin T, big T, TZ, on the nod, and others.

When a person becomes addicted to any kind of medicine or drug, they are likely to experience certain physical side effects. These effects are even more noticeable if the drug is immediately stopped. Some Restoril abuse or overdose symptoms can include:

• Mental confusion
• Somnolence
• Respiratory depression
• Hypotension
o Impaired motor functions
o Impaired or absent reflexes
o Impaired coordination
o Impaired balance
• Dizziness
• Coma
• Death

Extended use of the Restoril drug can make for a significantly unpleasant experience when coming off of the drug. The higher the dosage used and the longer the drug is taken can increase the risk of experiencing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Some industry experts recommend gradual and careful reduction of the dosage under the supervision of a medical professional. Restoril is effective due to its ability to slow down the brain’s activity. When the drug is removed, the brain’s activity can rebound and race out of control, potentially causing seizures or other harmful experiences.

Any time a person has been abusing a benzodiazepine-type drug, 24/7 detox should be used to flush the drug out of the patient’s system. As this can cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms and reactions, constant supervision is essential. Ongoing support and counseling after the detox is also necessary to deter relapse.



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