How Methamphetamine Devastates Your Health

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Methamphetamine, commonly called meth, is a terribly addictive drug that wreaks havoc on the body and the brain. Signs of meth use in women and men are scary and indicative of just how seriously this drug impacts the health of users. From open sores to rotting teeth, the signs and symptoms of regular meth use are frightening and serious.

Short-Term Consequences of Meth Use

There are different types of methamphetamine abused by drug users. For instance, ice or crystal meth is a crystallized form of the drug, while speed is a powdered form. Regardless of the type, all meth affects users in the same ways. The immediate effect is the stimulation of the central nervous system. This results in increased attention and focus. It produces a surge in activity and the ability to stay awake. It decreases fatigue. Meth also makes the user feel good. It causes a rush and a sense of euphoria. Physical effects include an elevated heartrate, increased respiration, an irregular heartbeat and hyperthermia.

Many of these short-term effects of using meth are what make the drug so popular with users. The feeling of euphoria is powerful, as is the sense of being able to accomplish a lot and get things done. As with the related drug amphetamine, meth also causes people to be more active and to eat less. Sometimes people abuse these drugs just to lose weight. When it comes to amphetamine vs. methamphetamine, the latter is more dangerous, but both can cause serious health problems.

Long-Term Consequences of Meth Use

Some people think they can use meth just to get high occasionally or to lose a few pounds, but they get hooked quickly. Meth is strongly habit-forming and addiction is one of the most serious long-term consequences of its abuse. Once you are addicted to this drug, it creates a powerful hold. Overcoming meth addiction is extremely difficult and means that all of the other health consequences become more likely and more pronounced.

What are the long-term effects of meth? Regular and frequent users of meth will experience serious physical symptoms. These include severe weight loss and accompanying malnutrition. Meth addicts also end up with tooth decay and may lose several teeth. They often feel a sensation of something crawling on the skin. This leads to scratching, picking and infected open sores.

Meth users will also have serious mental problems in the long term. Regular meth use changes the brain and can cause psychosis, hallucinations, paranoia and repetitive motions. Thinking, concentration and memory all decline with regular meth use. Meth users also experience mood disturbances. They may have wild mood swings and often become aggressive and violent.

In addition to the symptoms of meth use in women and in men, the short-term effects and the long-term consequences of using this dangerous drug are serious and devastating. If you have been using meth, stop now before it results in permanent mental and physical damage.

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