What Is Heroin?

While crystal meth may be considered the single most addictive and dangerous drug in the world, heroin has been destroying lives for generations. A recent drug documentary looked at the 25 most dangerous substances in the world and heroin was the runaway winner. Everyone from historical figures to celebrities and even politicians have died or been disgraced by heroin use over the centuries, and the drug seems to have a particular hold on creative types such as actors, musicians, and artists. When you add in the fact that heroin is an injected drug, and most addicts don’t care if the syringe is clean or not before hand, the spread of HIV due to heroin usage is extremely high.

The Drug

The infernal poppy plant has given rise to many of the world’s most dangerous drugs, such as opium, heroin, and many of today’s modern prescription painkillers. It can be next to impossible to purchase pure street heroin unless you have powerful connections, which means that the substance that you did buy is filled with other substances. In some cases, this filler can be something like talcum power, but in other cases, it can be rat poison. This only increases the likelihood that an experience with heroin will turn out very, very badly. Users also need to understand that proper dosing of heroin is impossible, which means that every time they use it, whether it be the first or the 50th, could result in an overdose. Heroin also goes by dozens of street names, including horse, smack, junk, ska, and many, many others. Heroin isn’t quite as available as several other illegal drugs, such as ecstasy, marijuana, or cocaine, which is probably the only thing stopping it from becoming an epidemic like meth. This is one illegal substance that no one, anywhere, should ever want to try.

The Impact of Heroin Addiction

Along with meth, no other drug can have such an immediate and destructive impact on a person’s life as heroin. Addiction to heroin is often reported as instant and the lengths that a person will go through to obtain the drug can be seen in many Hollywood films like “Trainspotting.” Assuming you live long enough to experience withdrawal, it is often described as the single worst experience a human being can go through. The cravings alone are enough to cause people to attempt suicide. If the 3-4 day withdrawal can be navigated, a person must avoid any kind of addictive behavior for the rest of their life or risk ending up on the drug again. The impact of heroin on a person’s life really can’t be overstated. From the financial impact to the physical impact, to the impact it has on your friends and family, you can go from having it all to having nothing at all in a matter of days. Celebrities such as Robert Downey, Jr. have thrown away years of a brilliant acting career just to get another fix. The sheer power of heroin is simply too strong to overcome for almost everyone that uses it.

Symptoms of Heroin Addiction

The main reason why so many people risk suffering the impact of such a drug is because the pleasure created by heroin is said to be too powerful for words; therefore, worth the risk and the eventual withdrawal (or death). A heroin addict will exhibit many tell-tale symptoms including rapid weight loss, a complete loss of interest in hobbies and career, and the almost instant spending of life savings to acquire more drugs. In the short term, a person can expect trouble breathing (can be fatal), the inability to stay awake, as well as nausea, vomiting, and more.

The Consequences of Heroin Addiction

Drug sentencing in the United States is uneven, to say the least. Robert Downey Jr. has been arrested for heroin possession numerous times, but has only served a small amount of jail time, while others are arrested for the first time and find themselves behind bars instantly. Regardless of which state you live in, getting arrested for heroin possession should be considered a life saver. Most states will pay for, or at least help you pay for, rehab, and rehab is likely the only way you will kick the drug completely. Without it, the loss of your career, family, and eventually your life, is almost certain.

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