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Finding Joy in Sobriety Through Friendship

Does it seem to you that giving up drugs and alcohol means that you will never feel upbeat or euphoric again? Getting sober is the first step in a journey of learning to live life without relying on mind-altering chemicals, but there are a lot more lessons to learn once you are able to stop using alcohol and other drugs. While you may experience a lot of extreme emotions in early sobriety, feeling joy while you are sober is probably not as hard as you think
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How to Best Help Your Newly Sober Friend

Supportive Friend Helping with Recovery

When your friend has gone through rehab and come home to begin living a clean and sober life, your initial thoughts might be tinged with worry or anxiety about his or her prospects in recovery. You’ve heard all the stories about how relapse is common and how many of those who are just getting clean have a difficult time of it. Should you stay away and allow your friend to sort it out on his or her own? Is there something else you could be doing? Here are some tips on how to best help your newly sober friend.
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