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Getting Out From Under: What to Do If Your Partner Continues to Drink or Use

Eight Identified Categories of Drinkers

Whether your partner has gone through rehab or continues to make promises that are never kept about cutting down his or her use of alcohol or drugs, you know the sinking feeling when you come face to face with the reality that the situation isn’t going to change. Now you’re faced with a tough decision. While you’re contemplating getting out from under, it’s important to know what to do if your partner continues to drink or use. Continue reading

What to Do When Your Adult Child Is Drinking Too Much

drunk adult child

Having adult children can be both a joy and a burden. What happens if your adult child is headed down a dangerous path? Do you feel like it is no longer your place to say anything? Do you fear you’re overreacting and may push him away? Our grown-up children may be adults, but they sometimes still need our support and intervention. If you think your adult son is drinking to excess, you should step in and say something. Offer to help and provide information to back up your concerns.

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How to Identify Alcohol Problems in the Family

How to Identify Alcohol Problems in the FamilyYou might think you know how much alcohol someone in the family is using. But it’s all too easy for loved ones to become adept in the art of concealment.

They might tell half-truths, even outright lie — anything to prevent a parent or concerned family member from discovering what’s going on. When this happens, what can you do? Eliminate much of the guesswork by learning how to identify alcohol problems in the family. Continue reading

How to Identify and Help a Functioning Alcoholic

Functioning alcoholics are sneaky. They drink enough and have the symptoms to be diagnosed as alcoholics, and yet they still manage to function every day. They are masters of denial and of hiding the truth. These are not the stereotypical alcoholics. They can get drunk and act sober. They can go to work with a hidden hangover and sneak drinks throughout the day. This type of alcoholic may be functioning, but he is hanging on by a thread. How can you recognize functional alcoholism in someone you care about? How can you help?

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Social Problems From Alcohol Abuse, Not Physical Injury, Biggest Threat to Long Life

A new study—following over 40,000 participants for 18 years—has found that the social and psychological issues stemming from drinking are more predictive of mortality rates than physically hazardous behaviors like drunk driving. The results are quite surprising—for instance, suggesting that experiencing things like withdrawal jitters is less of a concern than something like losing a job in terms of the risk of dying—and underline the importance of taking the psychological and social aspects of alcoholism into account when considering the risks. The results also show that even light drinkers experience issues related to their drinking, suggesting that cutting down might not be enough to avoid problems related to alcohol.

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