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Is There Such Thing as a Drug-Free/Unmedicated Addiction Recovery?

Detoxing Drug Free

For many people considering going into treatment, what scares them off is the fear that they’ll be overmedicated during rehab or given drugs that make their addiction worse. They might desperately want to get clean and sober — they just don’t want to take any drugs in the process. What about drug rehab that doesn’t use drugs or medications? Is there such a thing as a drug-free/unmedicated addiction recovery?
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Here’s Why Men Are More Likely to Relapse After Addiction Treatment

man who relapsed

Several studies have found significant gender differences in how and why people relapse during and after treatment for addiction and substance abuse. Men are more likely to relapse and have unique reasons for having a slip. They also respond to a relapse differently than women. These specialized gender factors are important to acknowledge so that each patient in substance abuse treatment can be given the best tools for avoiding and coping with relapses.

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5 Skills You’ll Learn In Drug Rehab

5 Skills You’ll Learn In Drug RehabOvercoming addiction takes a great deal of patience, determination, practice and courage — none of which you’re likely to feel you have much of when you first enter drug rehabilitation. The good news is you’ll learn a great deal in rehab, not the least of which are skills you’ll need once you complete treatment and return home. What are these skills and why are they important? Let’s take a look at five of the many skills you’ll learn in drug rehab. Continue reading

How to Find a New Job After Rehab

How to Find a New Job After RehabThere are many reasons why you may need a new job after completing rehab. Maybe you just want a fresh start with new coworkers. It may be that your old job isn’t waiting for you. Whatever the reason, searching for employment as a newly recovered addict isn’t easy. You don’t have to disclose that you have been treated for addiction, but it may be unavoidable if new employers want to know why you lost your last job or why you were unemployed for a long period of time. Continue reading

6 Ways to Motivate Someone to Get Help for Addiction

6 Ways to Motivate Someone to Get Help for Addiction One of the most difficult and frustrating situations to deal with is the knowledge that your loved one has a substance abuse problem. You’ve seen the telltale signs of addiction. You’ve probably researched to find out available resources and worried about how you can help your loved one get the assistance he or she needs to overcome their addiction. Continue reading