10 Lame Excuses for Drinking Too Much

10 Lame Excuses for Drinking Too MuchYou may think you’ve heard it all, but when it comes to excuses for drinking too much, there are always some new ones. It really doesn’t matter how young or old a person is, how educated they are, their financial, social status or familial status. Some of these excuses people come up with are really lame, however, especially if they have been drinking.

  1. “I can handle it.” – Are you going to believe this excuse from someone who’s been drinking? This is a typical lame excuse usually heard from a male, age irrelevant, who feels he has physical capacity to tolerate great amounts of alcohol without being negatively affected. Females are not immune, however, especially if they feel they have something to prove, are desperate to fit in with the crowd, or have other issues going on.
  2. “One drink won’t hurt me.” – For some people, one drink is all it takes to push them right back into a downward spiral. For an alcoholic, it’s not possible to take one drink. One leads to another and another without end. One drink for a slender stature person who weighs less than 100 pounds will potentially hurt them. Persons with no tolerance to alcohol, or who are allergic to it, can also be hurt by just “one drink.”
  3. “I’m not chicken.” – Oh, and taking a drink proves you’re somehow as good as the rest of the drinkers? Come on, the game of chicken is always for people who are extremely gullible and easily influenced by the opinion of others. Don’t fall for it and don’t do it.
  4. “It’s not that much alcohol.” – How much alcohol is not that much? Is it one drink, two or an indefinite number? This lame excuse is usually uttered by a person who’s already inebriated or well on their way. They may also say the drink is mostly water, or not a full shot, diluted with juice or soda, their first drink, or other untrue statement.
  5. “I’ll water it down.” – When another insists that the drinker put down the drink, the drinker sometimes claims they’ll water it down. This is akin to it’s not that much alcohol. And, they’re usually already inebriated – or almost there – when they say it. In fact, they know they’ve had too much and that others notice, so they’re ready with this lame excuse.
  6. “I just ate, so it won’t bother me.” – Eating has no bearing on whether or not alcohol will “bother” a person. In fact, bother is a term that’s ludicrous when it comes to drinking. Alcohol is not a natural substance to be consumed by the human body and can do great harm, especially if abused. It is true that alcohol consumed on an empty stomach will affect the drinker quicker than a full stomach, but alcohol still has effects that linger for hours.
  7. “I have a strong constitution.” – You may hear this one from a macho type of male, young adult or teen, into sports or just into drinking. Again, while weight has some bearing on how fast alcohol will begin to negatively affect the body, especially motor coordination, reflexes, judgment and sight, if a person gives this excuse, they’re into drinking for the long haul. Frat parties, beer busts, club scene and other occasions bring out the worst in the strong constitution-boasting drinker.
  8. “I’m not a wuss.” – This lame excuse is similar to “not a chicken” in that the person who gives it feels they have to prove something. Maybe they feel they need to drink to be considered part of the group, or there’s been a challenge laid down and they have to participate or be labeled a “wuss.” In any case, it’s a lame excuse. Don’t use it and don’t fall for it.
  9. “If she (he) can do it, I can do it.” – Don’t believe you have to do everything the next individual does – even if it’s your best friend. The old saying, “You wouldn’t jump off a bridge just because someone else does it” also applies to drinking because someone else is. It’s equally stupid and lame.
  10. “I really need a drink.” – Of all the lame excuses, this one tells it all. Not only are you admitting that alcohol has a powerful hold over you, you’re not in the least bit ashamed of saying it. There’s something here that needs your attention: getting help for problems with drinking.

Of course, there are bound to be countless variations of these lame excuses. Maybe you’ve heard a few (or used some) others. The point is, as long as people are around alcohol and lack the willpower or good sense to just say no, they’ll keep coming up with lame excuses to give themselves permission to down that drink.

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