Rehab Center Salt Lake City

From medically monitored detox to inpatient and outpatient care and aftercare, we provide personalized drug and alcohol treatment that aligns with your individual needs. You’ll discover what heals you with an array of therapies to choose from such as individual and group therapy, art therapy, Native American healing traditions, yoga, mindfulness practices, music therapy and more.

Healing & Scenic Salt Lake City, Utah Location

A first-class bed and breakfast turned upscale treatment center, at Journey Healing Centers you’ll have all the comforts of home. Our Salt Lake City rehab center includes amenities such as a fitness center; gourmet meals prepared by a private chef; large dining areas; and massages. Here, you can focus on recovery in utmost comfort with all of your needs attended to and peaceful views of streams, lush gardens and mountains.

Exceptional Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

With over a decade of experience helping clients and their loved ones heal from substance abuse and begin their recovery path, Journey Healing Centers is a trusted source for effective, compassionate treatment. We are accredited by The Joint Commission and our renowned treatment team includes a board-certified physician with training in both naturopathic and traditional therapies, licensed addiction specialists and a psychiatric nurse practitioner.