Insurance Coverage

Is Drug Rehab and Mental Health Treatment Covered By Insurance?

At Journey Healing Center we know that making the decision to get help is a difficult one. Once you’ve made the choice, we can help you sort out the payment details. Give our intake specialists a call. We’ll work with your insurance provider to help determine your coverage for addiction and mental health treatment, and help you navigate the complexities so that you can get the treatment you need. Speak Confidentially with a Journey Advisor at 844-878-1979.

Whether you have a PPO policy that you purchased on your own or you have coverage through your employer, you can be confident that we will work on your behalf to ensure that you receive all the benefits that you are entitled to. Even if we are not in-network for your insurance company, if you have a PPO policy that provides for out-of-network benefits, a significant portion of addiction treatment costs and mental health treatment costs may be covered by your policy.

More Americans Can Get the Help They Need

It used to be the case that people suffering from addiction struggled to get insurance coverage to pay for drug rehab treatment. New laws have helped change that. The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, sometimes called the “parity law,” requires many insurance plans that cover mental health or substance use disorders to offer the same rate or coverage and level of benefits for those services as they provide for general medical conditions.

The Affordable Care Act also expanded access to behavioral health care. Under this law, people struggling with addiction who have a policy that offers residential mental health benefits may now have the resources to pursue drug rehab treatment.

With parity laws and the Affordable Care Act, millions more Americans can now receive the treatment they need for addiction and mental health issues.

Included here are just some of the insurance companies that may provide out-of-network benefits and that Journey Center will contact on your behalf. Speak Confidentially with a Journey Advisor at 844-878-1979.

Sample Insurance Providers

Below are examples of preferred insurance providers we work with.