Journey's program has helped some close friends of mine, and I've seen amazing results. I think the best part of my experience was interacting with the other clients and learning from each other. This is a really unique and healing environment. I really didn't know what I'd be getting myself into, but I'm surely grateful for every minute of my stay, and grateful to everyone that's been a part of my experience.

I feel that my mind needed a complete different way of thinking. I was closed off to so manny things. Treatment has helped me so much. This treatment center is out of this world. I don't feel that I would be walking out ready to take on the world if it wasn't for the program that we fallowed and the staff that was really there for me.

I came in here an atheist, rehab loathing, non spiritual person and came out with a higher power, loving life, an extremely grateful of Journey.

Journey saved my life. I am not sure why but the moment I walked in the door this felt like the right place for me to be. I got more out of this place than I ever could have imagined. The groups were amazing, Daring Ways is life changing. Psychodrama was wonderful, yoga, deeksha. I mean really, all of it combined is the right combination for success.

Letting go of the shame and guilt I had been caring for years has turned my life around. The staff has been amazing and provided a safe place for me to be my authentic self. I am leaving here with the tools needed to stay sober if I work for it. My goals and needs were met above and beyond my expectations. Journey provided a safe place allowing me to discover my authenticity and share my life story for the first time.

I felt encouraged, treated with respect and dignity, and that my treatment goals were specifically designed to cater to my needs, rather than pushing me through a "one size fits all" type of program.

Everything was wonderful, from climbing up Donut falls, to experiencing Deeksha and getting powerful experiences with it, all the way to sweat lodges, crying at meeting, psychodramas, meditation, putt putt golf, quirky fun, and amazing sessions with Dave. I will never forget Dave and the help he has given me. I truly owe him for my life and the help he has given me here. I owe everyone here at Journey, and I am truly grateful to you all.

Everything was amazing once I took down some of my walls. I enjoyed the activities where I was able to learn how to gain self worth. Movie nights were also one of my favorites because you were able to relax from the long week and interact with my roomies.

The best part of this experience was being able to feel safe and accepted so that I could focus on my recovery.

This entire experience has been so rewarding and truly unique. I feel blessed to have been here with all the staff and residents!

I felt that they really went above and beyond the call of duty! Very good support and advice from counselors. A close knit group setting. Felt like I could trust staff and clients with every detail in my past addiction use!!! Great feed back!!!