Our Philosophy

We don’t believe that one treatment strategy fits all. We know that each client arrives with unique life experiences that inform his or her world view. We’ve found that while some clients respond to traditional methods, including 12-Step recovery, others embrace more experiential strategies. Accordingly, we listen carefully to our clients and utilize our complete tool kit and wide variety of evidenced-based therapies in order to tailor a treatment program that works for them.

Because addiction and mental health disorders are complex conditions with underlying causes, we treat not only the symptoms, but all accompanying mental and emotional issues including trauma. We also welcome family into treatment because we understand that a healthy, engaged support system at home is an essential part of long-term recovery. Speak Confidentially with a Journey Advisor at 844-878-1979.

We recognize that recovery is a lifelong process, so our involvement doesn’t end when our clients go home. We offer continuing support after residential addiction treatment and mental health treatment that includes outpatient treatment, alumni meetings, support groups and sober activities.

Finally, we believe that recovery should be a positive experience that encourages 100% focus on healing from addiction. Our tool kit includes medical interventions to help decrease the lingering physical and emotional effects of drug abuse. Research tells us that unpleasant withdrawal symptoms can persist (a syndrome called post-acute withdrawal), increasing the risk of relapse. Our clients are able to relax in spacious, beautifully decorated rooms, enjoy our comfortable facilities and amenities, and explore the natural beauty of our mountainside oasis – one of the most scenic places on Earth.

With highly personalized treatment of addiction and underlying issues, blended holistic and traditional methods, and luxury accommodations, we believe that Journey can guide the way toward healthy, meaningful and lasting recovery. At Journey, we’re with you every step of the way. Speak Confidentially with a Journey Advisor at 844-878-1979.