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OurPhilisophyJourney Healing Centers is more then just a group of drug and alcohol treatment centers, we are a society of healing professionals committed to the sobriety of our guests. When an individual makes the important choice to take on their addiction, we are here, ready to accept them into our residential treatment program like a part of our family.
We are committed to providing a customized program that fits each individuals needs. We offer specialized drug treatment counseling aimed at helping our guests develop a new self-image, begin positive life changes and stay sober. Our focus is to help individuals take responsibility for their actions and choices by providing consistent behaviors and consequences. We rely on one another and work together to help everyone reach their personal goals and potential. Journey Healing Centers are safe, respectful, and secure treatment centers in which individuals are encouraged to risk, trust, feel and share. Our guests will embark on a journey of self-discovery, and it is our goal to make that discovery be one of freedom and success.

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